Lina Petrò | LANACare
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LANACare was created by a Danish nurse Jeannette Almstrøm in 1990 in Denmark. Being a mother of 3 children herself Jeannette Almstrøm developed a range of products for mothers and babies in organic pure merino wool. Being a nurse and having a professional background in textile & design was a perfect combination of the skills.  Each item is designed to promote health & well-being of the nursing mother and the baby, to provide the soothing comfort & breathable warmth that only pure wool can give.

Today all LANACare activity is managed by Jeannette Almtrøm herself, who is passionate about finding new sustainable materials for use in new products  – promoting not only the health of an individual, but that of our Mother Earth.

Over the years LANACare production and distribution quantities have developed very much. Today it is a very well-known brand, products being sold and in 28 countries around the world.


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