Lina Petrò | Litgrid Employes Book
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Litgrid Employes Book

Litgrid Employes Book

Litgrid AB, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, maintains a stable operation of the national power system, controls electricity flows, and enables competition in an open domestic electricity market. Litgrid is responsible for integrating the national power system into the European power infrastructure and electricity market. The company is implementing strategic electricity cross-border links, namely, NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland). While realising the goal of Lithuania‘s energy independence, we promote a culture of responsibility, creativity and dialogue.

Litgrid success in achieving objectives is determined by a team of highly competent employees. The team consists of 230 specialists, 95% of whom have university education. Professionalism is one of the key values of our company. Therefore, staff training and the attainment of qualifications is our focus. Staff develops their professional knowledge by attending mandatory specialised courses and professional seminars. A support programme is in place for those members of the team who combine work with studies that are beneficial to the company.


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