Lina Petrò | Voruta wine
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Voruta wine

Voruta wine

Alita company produces an especially wide range of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. Despite that,  continue looking for new tastes for our consumers to discover. Therefore Alita portfolio of drinks, which consists of high quality natural fermentation sparkling wines, brandy, bitters, cocktails, sparkling carbonated fermented drinks, vodka and other spirit drinks, is constantly expanded by new products, which are usually exclusive in the market.

It is not only Lithuanians who know the taste of our drinks. Consumers from Latvia, Russia, Estonia, UK, Germany, Poland and other countries can appreciate a considerable part of our products. Participation in prestigious international exhibitions each time provides us with opportunities to enter new markets.

The wine Voruta is a part of the group of natural fruit and berry wines and is produced in accordance with the classical wine production technology. With regard to the amount of sugar it is ascribed to the category of semi sweet wine. Ripe, fresh and intact berries, which are grown in the farms of Anyksciai region, are used for production of the wine. This wine reveals itself the best when served at the temperature 14°C. You will feel refreshing taste of the wine when combining it with light snacks, hard cheese and braised vegetables. It goes well with game too. The wine is recognized as a part of European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage.


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